Is it Safe to Travel to Mexico and the Caribbean?

safety & tips Jul 20, 2018

Is it really safe to travel to Mexico and the Caribbean?

Maybe you’ve asked that question in your head many times, but you never really got the answer to it.

Some people say it’s "okay" while others just flood you with U.S. media articles that will scare you off in a heartbeat.

But for someone like me who’s been there countless times, I wanted to share this with you... 

Despite all the worries and fears about traveling to Mexico and the Caribbean, I still travel. I’m NOT saying that’s a legal recommendation for YOU. But for me as a traveler, I have no hesitations.

Yes, there are places that are safe to go and not safe to go but here’s what’s important – you need to educate yourself.

Educating yourself before visiting ANY foreign place is the best thing that you can do to prepare yourself for a safer and more enjoyable trip.

The truth, is safety can’t be guaranteed anywhere you go, but...

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Save Time & Money with These 2 Travel Photos

airport Jun 14, 2018

Going on a vacation is exciting...until something goes wrong.

And I've learned from BOTH of these situations and want to pass along my tips to avoid them!

--> I recommend taking these TWO PHOTOS as soon as you get to the airport that will save you LOTS of time - and possibly LOTS of money!

1.)  A photo of your car - what?

How many of you rush into a vacation but when you get back you can’t find your car?

I know you think you'll remember, but it may take you a while.

But by taking a car in the parking lot with noticeable "landmarks" of visible in the photo will help you save so much time and effort.

Check out what this client above mentioned on FB!


2.) A "selfie" with your luggage - yup!

Now, this isn't one of those photos you take so that you can share it with everyone else.

Instead it's a FULL BODY selfie.

Just in case, take a whole-body photo of you standing next to all of your luggage when you arrive at the airport.


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Top 5 Ways to Save Money on Your Caribbean Vacation

planning Apr 28, 2018


"How can I save money on my Caribbean vacation”, you ask?  

Now, I'm a HUGE advocate of "you get what you pay for" - ESPECIALLY when it comes to Caribbean vacations.

Out of the 29 most recent resorts I've been to, I would probably only recommend 6 or 7 of them to my clients.

Believe me. What you see is NOT always what you get.

There's a HUGE difference in booking based on value for your budget instead of on price alone. Oh. My.

BUT, there ARE a few things you can do to have a less costly vacation without sacrificing the quality of the resort for sure!

Check out this video that explains the 5 easy tips to save money on YOUR next Caribbean vacation!

Want to start saving for YOUR dream vacation?

--->  Click the link for my quick & FREE PDF Download: 

>>> "Top 31 Ways To Save for Your Dream Vacation Without Missing the Cash!" 

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Tropical Vacation Packing: Top 3 Women Must-Have Items

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2018

When you go on a tropical vacation, what are the top 3 things that you bring with you? Do you have a list of “must-have’s” or items that you can’t live without?

Being a travel agent and someone who travels a lot, I’ve forgotten to pack lots of things because they don't cross our minds when heading for warmer weather.

AND I've found that there are some tricks of the trade when it comes to the wind blowing, legs sweating and uncomfortable transitions from the outside heat to the air conditioned restaurants and cold plane rides!

So I want to share my insider secrets!!

Here are the top 3 things that I bring on the trip which I think you should as well.


Most people would grab different outfits to bring...maybe bring their favorite sets of capris and fancy tops. Makes sense, right?

But what I find best to bring when traveling to a tropical country are sun dresses! There are a few reasons why I think they are...

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When Should I Buy My Flights?

Uncategorized Apr 04, 2018

When Should I Buy My Flights?

When it comes to buying flights, one of the biggest things that we often worry about is the PRICE.

This is why we’re always on the lookout for the best dates to fly, right? 

But, in my opinion, If there’s any concern that every traveler SHOULDN'T have to have, it's this. You waste SO much time playing the guessing game and tracking flight prices...only to find they just keep going up and up!

So to help you out, let me share this.

---> Get the best value for YOUR vacation budget HERE for FREE!

When should you buy your tickets?

The problem with buying flights is that prices fluctuate daily. And I've found even HOURLY!

In just a few span of days or a week, the price could go up hundreds of dollars rather quickly.

True story:

One of my client’s waited a week to book after I prepared their quotes for them... and the price went up $300 for them in that time!

Things like...

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Best Value Vacations - When Planning, Think About Creamer...

planning Mar 18, 2018

Getting the Best Value for your Vacation

You may remember me from that "Extreme Couponing" show on TLC.

I LOVE a great "deal", but I also understand the difference between "value" and "cheap"!

So for those of you looking for a great "cheap" vacation, this video shows you how I strive to my clients' vacation VALUE by comparing it to purchasing coffee creamer!


Are you used to booking travel on your own? Are you SURE you are getting the best value for your budget? 

Here's how to find out!

----> Don't forget to check out our CUSTOM PLANNING PROCESS when getting the best vacaction value for your money! Click HERE or the photo below to see it now!

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Vacation Planning Tips: Top Mistakes Travel Agents See

planning Feb 01, 2018

Top 3 Vacation Planning Mistakes to Avoid: Travel Agent Tips

If you're planning a vacation, it's a HUGE investment, right?

You want to take every precaution to make sure you get the best value for your money...

And there are SO many mistakes people make when planning their DIY vacation that sabotage their value AND their experience!

Check out these top 3 mistakes and how to avoid them:

 Top Planning Mistakes:

Nowadays, we have a habit of listening to other people's advice on where to stay and what to "do" on vacation...and it's great to get input! BUT, just because someone's vacation was right for THEM doesn't mean it's right for YOU!


When you start to look for vacations perfect for YOU, you need to STAY AWAY from Google until you know exactly what it is that you want for your vacation.

Make a "wish list" of what you want to experience, what you want to see, what you want the area to look you want a small resort, a large resort, white sand,...

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