Is YOUR Passport A Problem?

3 Things You MUST Review About Your Passport

I remember the time I designed a trip for a client who initially thought she didn't need a travel agent's help.

She wanted to go to a resort in the Caribbean and had it all picked out and ready to book herself...

After a few points of contact, she realized that it was not a good fit and I helped her design the right vacation for her celebratory trip.

But I realized that something was terribly wrong with her husband's passport when it came time to book!

The sad thing? She never even knew that she would be denied entry onto the plane if he used that passport! They would have missed their vacation if I didn't catch it!

Wanna know what happened?

Watch this quick clip to see what information YOU may be missing about passports while planning your international vacation!

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Airline Departure & Security...What to EXPECT & What NOT To Do!

Well, it keeps happening...every time I get on a plane!

I keep getting pulled over in security for a juice box that I had containing .1 ounces more than the allowed liquid...5 years ago!!!  

I get a pat-down or a hand swipe for explosives without fail, LOL!

So, I thought I'd share this video I made a while back... (I've come a long way since then, lol!)

I want you to know what to expect when YOU are traveling on the first leg of your destination to decrease the anxiety of the process. 

This may be a refresher for you, but I wanted to show you anyway :)

If you do have to get a pat down or anything else, the best rule to follow is just to comply WITHOUT making any silly comments like, "oh, you found that bomb in my luggage"...a BIG "no-no".

That will bring in the top dogs and you WON'T make it to your plane! The TSA has no room for a sense of humor, so just keep that in mind when you are traveling! 

It still may be a bit overwhelming when...

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Jody & Family Know How To Celebrate...#BirthdayBash

Jody's Mexican Birthday Bash

A milestone birthday is a GREAT excuse to celebrate with an all-inclusive family vacation!

Far too often, we make excuses for why we CAN'T take a vacation...

But not Jody! She's a hard worker that knows how important spending quality time with her family excuses for her not to travel!

So she took them all on vacation to Mexico and allowed Custom Memories Travel to be a part of her experience!

Here's what Jody & family had to say about their all-inclusive vacation:


"The goal of our trip was to relax and enjoy time together with my family. Our favorite thing about the resort was the gourmet food and the attentive staff. We loved our swim-up suite!

We rented a bali bed for the day from Naay Spa and had a butler and waiter. We also received a couples massage as part of our day.

riving amphibious vehicles in a tropical downpour of rain. We laughed so hard..."

To sum up our...

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They searched my suitcase and gave me a warning...

So, a few years ago, before I was a travel expert, I got a lovely warning "note" from the TSA saying that I would be given a "warning" about carrying dangerous liquids in my suitcase.

I had packed a travel-size "Static Guard" in my suitcase. 

Yup, go ahead and fingerprint me...slap on the cuffs!! 

They told me they seized the item and searched thoroughly through my luggage. WHAT?

And along with that note was a messy suitcase when I arrived at my destination!

Super embarassing as I wasn't really clear on the liquid rules about what I could bring and what I couldn't. (Now I bring the travel size Downy wrinkle release!)

So, I want you to watch this video as I am having lots of clients who are anxious about packing liquids in their carry on luggage.  

After 9/11, flying became very strict (as I'm sure you already know).

So this TSA 3-1-1 rule is strictly followed and they WILL make you throw out excess items or items that don't meet the requirements....

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Elaine thought "all inclusive" may be too expensive...

Elaine & Michael's St. Lucian Luxury


So, travel friend, I'm sure you've wondered the same thing...

"Won't an all-inclusive cost more than paying for things on our own?"

Elaine thought the same thing when we began to plan her honeymoon along with her fiance Michael.

After working with them for a while, they did begin to see that an all-inclusive provided much more value for their honeymoon budget than a standard hotel stay would.

And here's what Elaine had to say AFTER the trip:

"My favorite thing about the resort was that it was all inclusive. I was a little apprehensive about going all inclusive because of the price, but I am so happy that we did for our honeymoon. We loved getting drinks at the swim up bar and relaxing by the ocean or in the pool or hot tub.   

One of the biggest benefits of using Custom Memories Travel instead of planning online ourselves was the reassurance that we were making the right choices to make myself and my husband...

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Last-Minute Packing Hack: Never Forget Your Toiletries Again

So, I have another "stress-saving" tip I really wanted to share with you so that you don't forget something that needs to be packed "last minute" ever again!

Lots of times, we need to pack items such as razors, toothbrushes, makeup, etc. RIGHT before we leave for the airport so we can use them first.  

If you're like me, you've forgotten to pack an important item or 2 on more than one occasion!

So, here is what I do the night BEFORE I travel to make sure I don't forget something!  

(I'm not saying you won't forget ANYTHING else, but this will cut down your least in the bathroom!)

This tip also works when you are leaving the resort to come home.  (And I highly recommend packing at the resort the morning before you leave...then finalize at night!)

Here's to less stress!

---> P.S. Vacationing in Mexico or the Caribbean?

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5 Travel Must-Dos That Agents Can't Do For You...

5 Things You MUST Do Before Travel That I Can't Do For You...

"Oh my gosh! I forgot to .....!!"

Have you ever said THAT on vacation before? I know I have!

There's nothing worse than being on vacation and having that pit in your stomach because you forgot to do something before you left...

---> I don't want you to have STRESS on your vacation! 

So here's a quick clip about the 5 things you MUST do BEFORE you leave for vacation to keep it stress-free!

(I can't do these things for you - but I would if I could!)

I LOVE to do everything I can to help my clients enjoy a stress-free vacation... things that a computer can't do for you!

So, I am here for YOU, too - stay tuned for more travel tips like this!

P.S. If you're thinking about planning an all-inclusive vacation to the Caribbean or Mexico, download my FREE Ebook:

Download here: "51 Ways to Avoid Illness & Crime on Your All-Inclusive Vacation"

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Avoid These 3 Travel Planning Scams...Beware!

 3 Common Travel Planning Scams...

We all want to get the most bang for our buck when planning our vacations, and we all want to find great deals while we’re traveling.

It’s wise to keep an eye out for potential savings or good deals on unique items when we’re exploring other states, cultures, and countries, right?

The problem, of course, is that scammers know we’re looking...and they’re looking for us!

Here are 3 of the most common scams — and some easy tips to help you or someone you love avoid becoming the next victim!

(check out our SAFE & CUSTOM planning process HERE)

1.) IN THE MAIL:  You come home from running errands and grab the mail.

In the stack, you see a postcard or “official” looking envelope declaring that you’ve won a luxurious honeymoon to a fun and exotic location.

Why it’s a scam:
Often these scams use vague language by offering free airfare, but give no real, concrete information about...

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3 Things you MUST "Double Check" when Booking your DIY Package...

Whether or not you use Custom Memories Travel to book your travel, it' s my DUTY to share with you how to book your travel and not get "taken" as SO many people do when booking DIY!

As an agent, whenever I speak to a new client, I always ask about their past travel and whether or not they have ever used a travel agent.

And OH, BOY.

The stories I hear.

So, I thought I'd compile the TOP 3 things that people forget to check when planning their own all-inclusive vacation packages...

If you're thinking of booking your own package soon, I URGE you to watch this video and make sure you don't make these mistakes...

...they could RUIN your trip!

---->   And if you want to avoid MANY more mistakes & "bad surprises" when booking your all-inclusive package, fill out our All-About-You questionnaire and we can chat for FREE!

Click here for the form:


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Is All-Inclusive REALLY Worth It?


Is an All-Inclusive REALLY Worth It?

  • Longing to go on a RELAXING vacation?
  • Yearning to simply "GET AWAY FROM IT ALL" without experiencing the daily struggles of life?
  • And do you want to do it all WITHOUT "breaking the bank"?

If so, you may be wondering if all inclusive travel the best choice for you...or is it a simple "hotel" stay?

And if you’re struggling to answer this question, your answer is here....

Nobody wants to go on a vacation and end up getting nickled and dimed, right? That’s one of the BAD surprises you don’t want to experience on your well-deserved vacation.

So before you make any decision about the type of travel you'll take, I want you to understand what All-Inclusive Travel actually means and how you can avoid any of the extra hassles and "bad" surprises that can spoil your vacation and waste your money.

So, which is better for YOU?

---> Watch the video to find out NOW!


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