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All Inclusive Group Cruises

All About The Group.

Advantages of Group Travel Cruises

Discounts/Amenities – There are often discounts or bonus amenities for group cruises. It can save you money when compared to finding an on-land venue to host your party, reunion, wedding, etc.

Easy Planning – We guide you each step of the way before you set sail and we sometimes come aboard to ensure a smooth group travel experience!

Customized Itinerary – We can arrange for special events such as cocktail hours, private excursions, dance parties and more, just for your group!

Stay On Budget– Group cruises are virtually all-inclusive, so you know the cost up front. Your accommodations, meals, nightlife, entertainment, kids programs and much more are already included, so all you do is shop for souvenirs!  We can also roll in other optional costs ahead of time such as excursions, beverage packages, photo packages, etc. Just tell us what you are interested in!

Payment Options –  Group cruises generally allow for more flexible arrangements when it comes to payment. When booking strictly online, you usually pay all at once. Payment plans are a great option for anyone’s budget!

Private Shore Excursions – We are able to arrange private shore excursions for groups of 20 or more quite often. The cruise lines have a team to handle all of your excursion needs. If we set the excursion up for you, the ship will wait specifically for your group if there is a delay of some type. The ship does NOT wait for parties that plan their own off-ship excursions.

What Counts As "Group Travel" on a Cruise?

In general, if 8 cabins are booked, the cruise line considers this a “group”.  There are often other amenities that cruises can offer for FREE for your group, depending on the sailing. Check with your travel agent for specific details.
Common Types of Group Travel Cruise Packages:

  • Family Reunions
  • Weddings & Honeymoons
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries
  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties
  • Class Reunion
  • Sorority & Fraternity Reunions
  • Retirement Parties
  • Holiday Travel
  • Incentive Travel
  • Common Interest Groups (Affinity Groups)