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How To Plan Your Vacation With Us

At Custom Memories Travel, our stress-free vacation planning process allows us to personalize each itinerary to meet YOUR needs! Here’s what you can expect when booking with us!

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1. First, get really, REALLY EXCITED about your all inclusive travel! You can leave the hard stuff like research and making appropriate suggestions to us! We’ll work together to tweak it to perfection and make it ALL ABOUT YOU!

2.  Fill out our All-About-You Questionnaire or contact Custom Memories Travel directly to allow us to get to know YOU! We want to know all about your likes, dislikes, wants and needs so we can CUSTOMIZE your vacation package.

3. Read and submit our Advance Deposit Form so that you understand everything about the planning process and have a chance to ask any questions before you begin!

4. Submit your $200 advance deposit via cash, check or credit. This $200 will be refunded directly to you, or applied to your final deposit when you choose to book your custom all-inclusive resort air/land package or all-inclusive air/cruise package with us. This deposit is non-refundable if you choose not to book your custom vacation with us. The $200 will be used as a planning fee instead for non-all inclusive travel plans. (Excluding destination weddings/mystery travel)


5. Custom Memories Travel will begin to research destinations, activities, transportation and more based on your information. We will present you with 2-3 all-inclusive travel options and refine them until you have the perfect fit!

6. We will book everything for you after you have given the final approval for your custom itinerary – right down to your dinner reservations if you wish!

7. Custom Memories Travel will present you with your final itinerary. But it doesn’t stop there! We also provide you with useful information about your destination. For instance, we may include currency exchange, packing lists, weather forecast, local hot-spots, and more!

8. ENJOY YOUR VACATION! We’ll be “on call” in case our clients need assistance during travel. We will give you all of the information you need and handle any situations as quickly as possible!


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